Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Water Bottle

Here's Anna chugging her new water bottle:

Anna and her new cup

We recently became a Nalgene bottle family. There are probably 15 sippy cups in my kitchen cabinet which fall out every time I go to get something out of it. Because there are so many, if one gets "lost" around the house we just make a new one instead of going on a hunt. The result - random sippy cups around the house, a full dishwasher, and sour milk. Anna and Maddie now have 1 Nalgene Grip-n-gulp each filled with water and we are doing our best to keep up with it throughout the day. So far so good!

I like this grip-n-gulp. It has been one of the few sippy cups that has not leaked when turned upside down in my purse or hasn't left a pool of water on the ground. Despite being a little heavier than others, Maddie has no problem tipping it up to drink. My only complaint is that it does not fit into the cup holders of our jogging stroller (whose cup holders are a little smaller than most).


Lori Beth said...

I totally have the same falling out of cabinet problem you do. It's very annoying! And I've had the random lost only to find later sour milk sippy cup...yuck. Where did you get these? And are they straw or no straw?

Erik Burckart said...

no straw and Dick's sporting goods for like $6.50 or $7 each. It has a small rubber insert like a playtex bottle, looks like this.