Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If you use a spout cover, beware...

Tonight as I was giving the girls a bath I remembered a "word to the wise" that I forgot to share.

This was our beloved froggie that kept Anna from bumping her head on the bath tub spout.

During our recent bathroom remodel, we used the girls' bathroom for our daily showering, etc. When Froggie was on the spout I was not able to divert the water to the showerhead without removing it or turning it upside down. NOTE: DO NOT JUST TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN!!! One day I was showering and Froggie was turned upside down and had filled up with water. It so happens that on the underside of bathtub spouts there is a little hole. Froggie had so much water in him that the water then proceeded to go through the hole and 20 minutes later I found that water downstairs in my kitchen!!

Not sure if this was one of those situations that could only happen to me, but take my advice and take the spout cover off when you shower just in case :).

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