Monday, June 22, 2009

Virginia Beach 2009

We just returned from our annual trip to Virginia Beach with Pop and Divi. Anna and Madelyn were great!

The days were filled with morning strolls down to the boardwalk for Starbucks and of course time on the beach. This year we bought a beach tent from One Step Ahead which was great for giving the girls a place to dig in the sand out of the sun. Surprisingly Maddie even stayed inside it!

VA Beach VA Beach VA Beach VA Beach

There was also a lot of time spent splashing in the ocean. Maddie had no fear - she would squeal in delight as she walked straight out into the waves. The ocean current was very strong in the afternoons and it was a chore just keeping Anna and Madelyn on their feet.

VA Beach VA Beach

Another highlight of the trip was renting one of those family bikes on the boardwalk. This was a first for myself as well as the girls. Here's a picture of the crew (cousin Jamie, Erik, Maddie & Anna)

The big boardwalk bike The big boardwalk bike The big boardwalk bike

It was a wonderful trip filled with many family memories that I'm hoping record in a scrapbook. I think this was the most consecutive time that I've spent with my dad in a really long time. It was nice to hangout at night after the girls went to bed and talk with him about world issues, the future of our family vacations and just have fun playing Rockband. Our family trip to the beach will probably look very different next year and I'm ok with that; I've realized it's the people you are with, not where you are, that matters most.


Hope said...

Great pictures! The girls look like they had a blast. Love the tent idea.

Meg said...

What fun!! It sounds like you had a great time!!