Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This morning Anna and I had craft time. She colored with crayons, markers and decorated with her new favorite - stickers. For the first time I opened her Tadoodles First Marks by Crayola.

I have been a little nervous about turning Anna loose with markers that actually mark on paper (as opposed to the Color Wonder markers) and I was right. Yes they are washable, but they are messy. The ink that came out of the marker almost seemed to puddle on the paper which was then smeared all around the paper and Anna's hands. Also, because she has used "real markers" rather than these that are triangle shaped, they were not intuitive for her to use. Anna had difficulty figuring out which part to draw with. And my final complaint :), someone thought that "no caps to lose" was a feature - I'm not so sure I agree. The markers now have to be stored in their own bin to prevent the marker from getting on everything else.

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