Monday, July 28, 2008


Does this smiling face strike fear in your heart and make you run the other way? Probably not, but to Anna it does. Anna recently joined the ranks with her friends and became an Elmo fan. Whether he's on TV or on a box of crackers she instantly recognizes him. Because of this fascination, Aunt Susu bought Anna a TMX Elmo which giggles and falls down when you push his ticklish spots. The first time we tickled Elmo, Anna ran away and it took some heavy convincing to even get her to touch Elmo. This morning we had Elmo in the middle of the kitchen floor when Anna came downstairs and she sidestepped around him. I tickled him and Anna took off into the other room. Who would have thought!?! After breakfast I guess Elmo didn't seem as scary, so Anna went and picked him up and brought him over to me. I pushed the tickle button, Elmo started to move, and Anna held him as tight as she could to keep him from moving. Oh well - I guess we'll keep Elmo turned off for now.

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