Sunday, March 4, 2007


We have recovered from our stay away from home and Anna has returned to sleeping through the night. I think the key thing here is her crib.

Before Anna was born we bought a pack and play that had a bassinet and set it up in our room for Anna to sleep in. I figured that with as many times I would need to get up during the night, having her close by would be nice. Well... as expected, Anna didn't want to sleep the first few nights at home and I would spend hours rocking her or my mom would so graciously stay up with Anna so that I could get an hour or two of sleep. When we would lay Anna down in the pack and play, we would hear her spit up and panic as new parents do or hear her make a noise and immediately wake up. After about a week of no one in the house sleeping, we went and bought a wedge to put under the mattress (Safety lift wedge) and put Anna to sleep in the crib in her room. It seemed to work, for at about 2 months, Anna was sleeping from 11:00pm to 5:30am and around 3 months Anna made it through the whole night.

I am so glad we made the transition from our room to the nursery so early, for I hear it can be a very rough transition later on. I do have a monitor in my room that I use every night, but when Anna wakes up I can hear her regardless :).

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