Friday, February 23, 2007


I just found a not-so-good feature of the exersaucer - it could lead to poopies that go up the back of the diaper and ALL OVER the place. Now that Anna has been bathed and the clothes are in the washing machine covered in stain remover, I'm asking myself did I not put it on well enough or was it the diaper itself?
Before Anna was born, Erik and I wondered why people spent so much money on diapers when they could easily just get the Target brand. Well.... as soon as Anna was born we found out why - there really are varying degrees of quality in a diaper. We were fortunate to get so many diapers for baby shower gifts and were able to try all kinds and found by far the Pampers Swaddlers were our favorite. These, of course, seem to be the most expensive as well. Our distant second favorite is the Pampers Baby-Dri.
When it comes to buying diapers, bigger packages aren't always a better price per diaper. We got a BJ's membership for the main purpose of buying diapers but as of yet haven't bought any there. The best deal around that I have found are the mega packs (70-80) that occasionally go on sale at Harris Teeter for $9.99. That's when I stock up.

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