Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bath Time

When we first brought Anna home from the hospital I remember being scared to give Anna a bath. She seemed so tiny and fragile. We made it through the first bath with the help of my mom by quickly dousing Anna with water and a little soap. Bath time is now a fun time in the house and we have gotten the hang of it.

Fisher Price Aquarium Tub: we love this tub! When Anna was really little and still had her cord, she laid in a hammock above the tub so that she was not submerged in the water. Now that she is bigger, the hammock has been lowered and she can sit in the water and has a comfy pillow. This tub will transition one more time when she gets a little bigger. I recommend it.

Huggies disposable wash cloths: To me, the disposable wash cloths made bath time so much easier. I'm sure I could have almost as easily put some soap on a wash cloth, but to me they made a difference :)

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