Sunday, February 18, 2007

Baby Bjorn

This afternoon we headed to Home Depot and the Baby Bjorn went with us. (The Baby Bjorn is a front carrier for the baby. Many friends I know have had them since their baby was born and loved being able to "wear" their little ones during the day to get housework done. We started out with a hand-me-down carrier made by LL Bean and there's a big difference - the Baby Bjorn is much more comfortable.) Now that Anna has control over her head, she is able to face outward in the Bjorn and LOVES to look around. The Bjorn is great for walks, malls, grocery stores, cleaning around the house and anywhere else I need my hands free.

I did learn the hard way though to look around at Anna every once in awhile. When she is in the Bjorn people tend to smile and comment, but they don't tell you when your child has LOTS of spit up running off of her face!

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