Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

Yesterday Anna and I were hanging out in the family room where the stockings are hung and the tree is fully decorated and she exclaimed - "Mommy I can't wait for Christmas"! "Why is that", I asked already knowing the answer. Anna responded "We get to open our presents!"

I love that Anna is excited about presents, what little 4 year old isn't? But it was also a reminder of how much the world pushes that Christmas is about shopping and presents and how much harder I need to make sure that Anna knows that true meaning of Christmas. So here are a few resources I found online that I plan to incorporate into our December days.

Symbols of Christmas Minibook: A cute one-page printable that shows pictures of different things we see at Christmas time such as a wreath and tree and how we can relate them to God.

Christmas Wordwall Cards: These are similar to what I did last Christmas where everyday we will talk about a different word that relates to Christmas.

We also pulled out our Christmas books last night including God Gave Us Christmas, A is for Angel, Christmas in the Manger and Baby Jesus is Born

We will also be doing a Tub of Love through Raleigh Rescue Mission where we will be collecting items to be donated to the mission.

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