Friday, December 3, 2010

Disney: Magic Kingdom

Day 2 we headed to Magic Kingdom where we arrived prior to the park opening and waited with the crowd. The park opening ceremony was great with Mickey and friends arriving by train. Upon entering we immediately raced for the Dumbo ride (we were following on of those tourist books with park plans some of which were titled 'Dumbo or Die' :). There was a line but the girls did awesome waiting to get on and after about 45 minutes we were aboard Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Disney 2010
Disney 2010

Then we rode the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Disney 2010

followed by Mickey's PhilharMagic which proved tragic for Maddie. The PhilharMagic was a 4D movie with scenes from many of the older famous Disney movies but Maddie and Anna were both frightened of the things flying at them, water squirting and air blowing. Anna made it through in Oma's lap but Maddie cuddled as close as she could to me and whimpered, it was so sad. We then marked any 3D/4D movies off of our list.

Next we tried Peter Pan's Flight but Maddie was still a little skiddish and so she cried to get out of line and so she and Oma waited while the rest of us rode it. We then got Maddie to ride the Mad Tea Party and It's a Small World - she loved them both.

Later we went in Monsters Inc Laugh Lab which Maddie also had to exit - I think she had a fear of any dark place we took her after the PhilharMagic.

Next we found a spot to eat our packed lunch, explored Frontierland and Toontown but were soon worn out by all of the people. I must say at this point I was a little disappointed - it was hard to enjoy many of the sights because there were so many people EVERYWHERE and all of the rides had at least an hour wait. We headed back toward the front of the park to get some ice cream and discovered there was a castle show going on. The girls loved watched the show and got their first glance at Cinderella. In typical Disney fashion there was a scary witch (I think from Sleeping Beauty) that came out during the show which frightened the girls.

Disney 2010 061

We then found a spot to watch the parade which the girls loved. All of the princesses were on floats and there was lots of music and dancing. I am glad we stayed to watch it.

We did return to Magic Kingdom one afternoon and decided to take it at a slower pace to take in our surroundings a little more.

This was our attempt at getting a family picture amongst all the craziness.

Disney 2010

The lines were still long but we rode Dumbo one more time, the Prince Charmings Carousel, BuzzLight Year's Space Ranger Spin and I got to go on Space Mountain. We later heard from a lifeguard that Thanksgiving is the busies time of the year!!

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