Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making Traditions

Every year, about this time, as Christmas cards flow in I become a little nostalgic. I miss those that are no longer here on this earth and I fondly remember traditions that were held. I tend to scramble to "find" new family traditions for our own family in hopes that one would stick. I am slowly learning that a tradition isn't just about what you do, for sometimes doing becomes an obligation instead of a joy, it isn't just about who, for as loved ones pass their memory can still hold strong in traditions such as these, but it is also about being.

Being present, being engaged and being a part of a memory in the making.

I received a wonderful gift from my godmother from whom I "inherited" the love for organization and planning. To some the gift may have looked like a bag full of 'cooking stuff' for inside were muffin pans and sprinkles and a cookie press (gasp, she knows me so well!) but to me it was so much more. Tucked inside was a recipe from her family and accompanying the bag was a letter about family traditions and memories.

Our first attempt at cookie making was far from perfect and many cookies hit the trash that day. But I love that tradition isn't instant perfection but a refinement through the years - and that no matter how it turns out, the joy is in the making.

And, of course we got some really cute pics of Anna :) (Maddie decided to take a nap on this day).

Making Cookies Makng cookies Making Cookies Making Cookies

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