Monday, November 30, 2009

'A' is for Advent

For the month of December our "school" time is going to take on a different look and center on teaching the girls about the true reason for Christmas, Jesus. Each day we will be using our advent calendar to review the letters of the alphabet and learn more about the Christmas story. For example, we'll start with A. With the letter 'A' we'll be learning more about the angels in the Christmas story such as Gabriel. We'll be making an angel craft and adding the angel to our nativity set. We will also talk a little about advent. Next we'll review the letter 'M' and talk about Mary, the manger, and the phrase 'Merry Christmas'. 'C' is for City of Bethlehem and of course Christmas cookies! Etc. etc.

My prayer is that as the girls grow up they will appreciate the traditions of Christmas but realize we do it to celebrate God's perfect Gift to us.

A few resources I found helpful:

A is for Angel, a Christmas alphabet book.

The Adventure of Christmas: Helping Children Find Jesus in our Family Traditions by Lisa Whelchel

Printable Christmas activities by First-School

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Kim said...

Yet another wonderful idea! I think I'll "borrow" this one too! (Maybe not this year, but I'll store it away for next year!!!)
You're so creative and a wonderful mom - Anna and Maddie are so blessed to have you!