Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Festivities

This year with Halloween falling on a Saturday, we had a weekend fun of festivities. On Friday the girls and I joined some friends at the local library for Halloween Hoot. This is similar to Rhyme Time at the library except all of the songs and books are about Halloween. The kids then parade through the library in their costumes and receive treats.

Halloween Hoot

On Friday night, our family went to the Bay Leaf Baptist Fall Festival. I was not prepared for how big of an event this would be. I heard one guy compare it to the State Fair. They had bouncy houses, a huge slide, hotdogs, fried funnel cake dipped in chocolate on a stick (oh yeah!), nachos, cotton candy, hayrides, bible-story themed games..... and it was free to the public. Just as many free events though, the gym was packed. Here's Maddie taking a break from the action on a giant pumpkin.

Bayleaf Fall Festival

On Saturday night we went to a friend's house for some pre-treating snacks and then Anna and I went with our friends to neighbors' houses while Erik and Maddie returned home to give out candy. It was absolutely adorable watching the girls go up to the houses and get their candy. It was such a change from last year - they have grown so much.

Getting Ready Trick or Treating

And finally, here's a trip down Halloween memory lane:

2008 Halloween Night
2007 Happy Halloween
2006 Anna wide awake!

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Meg said...

Super cute! Love the flashback! Makes you realize how fast they grow!