Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ocean Isle Beach

What do you get when you put 10 adults and 8 kids under the age of 3 in a house for 4 nights? A little bit of craziness, but a whole lot of fun. We had the privilege of spending Labor Day weekend with some good friends at Ocean Isle Beach. We were a little worried about the arrival of Hurricane Earl to the NC coast, but the weather was actually perfect.

We rented a house two blocks from the ocean on one of the canals at Ocean Isle Beach. It was a great location that allowed us to walk almost everywhere.

Family Pic

We had a little dock that made a great place for morning coffee and launching the kayaks

Anna & Daddy on the dock

Kayaking in the canal

The kids also enjoyed splashing around in the pool.

Anna at the pool

The Museum of Coastal Carolina was practically in our backyard so we also spent a morning there. The museum itself was very small and a little pricey but it was a perfect indoor spot for the kids with lots of hands-on activities. Friday night there was also live music in the parking lot of the museum which we enjoyed up until the swingset accident.

Coastal Museum: Touch tank

And of course there was the beach. For some reason I never had my camera during our day trips to the beach but here is one when Anna and Erik were out collecting shells at sunset.

Ocean Isle Sunset

Despite the accident, it was a wonderful trip and lots of memories were made.

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Hope said...

What amazingly beautiful pictures! How is Anna feeling? So sorry about the accident but it sounds like she leaned on Jesus. No better place to be! Hugs to you and Anna! ~H