Thursday, September 23, 2010

J is for Joseph

Here is Anna sitting in front of her craft wall one morning. We now probably need to take everything down and start afresh or else soon our entire kitchen will be filled with crafts.

We are going out of alphabetical order a little bit since we were reading the story of Joseph and his brothers (we'll come back to D with Daniel) - it was just easier this way. I found two cute printable activities to make Joseph a colorful coat.

The first was on Christian Crafts and involved the girls glueing tissue paper into a square and then laying another sheet of paper on top, simple!

The second activity was a little more complicated and I let daddy do that with them on Saturday morning. It involved cutting out pieces of Josephs coat and pasting them on a sheet of paper to make the passage from Genesis 37:3, so it was a little advanced for the girls but they still enjoyed using their glue sticks.

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