Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Accidents Happen

We spent the holiday weekend at Ocean Isle Beach (which I will share more about in a later post) with some fabulous friends. While on the trip we had our first family trip to the urgent care. On Friday night Anna was swinging on the swingset of the place we were staying and flipped out, landing forehead first onto a piece of wood holding in the sand for the play area. A policeman directed us toward the urgent care in the neighboring town and thankfully we made it there 10 minutes before they closed.

I am not so good with injuries, in fact, I get a little woozy myself but Anna was so brave. Her forehead was cracked down to the skull and so she got a little scared when they tried to numb the area but through the stitches she closed her eyes and didn't make a sound. The nurse made her a balloon out of a rubber glove which made her smile and all the nurses commented that she was one of their best patients.

As Anna hopped down from the table after the stitches were done she said "I've had a great day!". Her comment was totally God reassuring Erik and I; it was what our hearts needed to hear. The whole way home we told Anna how proud we were of her and she smiled so big. She even requested to go back and see that doctor again. I am constantly amazed at the heart of my sweet Anna.

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