Monday, August 3, 2009

Potty update

I previously posted about the beginning stages of potty training in early June. Mid-June we went on vacation to the beach where Anna had problems with the particular potty at the rental house and next thing you know, we basically started over when we returned home. At home, Anna started going on the potty once again, but she had no problems going in her Pull-up as well. I was getting frustrated and putting way too much emphasis on those times when she would pee in her pullup rather than go to the potty. It broke my heart the day she told me she was "bad" for not going on the potty :-(.

I remembered a previous post where I talked about Anna needing encouragement and so that week I took Anna to Kohls and let her pick out some big girl panties. She picked out Hello Kitty and Tinkerbell. That day we went home and made a big production of washing the panties and then putting them in a special basket in her room. The next day I let her pick out whichever pair she wanted to wear (she was so excited about the panties I think we changed about 5 times just to wear the different ones) and diapers have only been used at night ever since. There have been a few accidents and I'm sure there will be a few more but I must say everything is going well. Anna even loves to take off Maddie's diaper and put her on the potty. How nice would it be to have them both out of diapers!

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