Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the Road

On Friday morning at 3:30am we loaded up the girls in the car and headed north to Connecticut to visit with my husband's family. At 1:00am on Monday morning we once again got back in the car and came back home. Over 1000 miles overall but the girls were fabulous!

I tried to be as prepared as I could for the 10+ hour drive and so I packed lots of goodies in bins. During most car trips I am scrambling all over the car trying to find what I need but this time I packed 2 cubicle bins, one had food items and changes of clothes and the other had snacks. This helped me be able to locate things before crying set in.

Thankfully the girls slept for a good portion at the beginning of the trip both ways (it would have been a nightmare for them to wake up for the day at 3am!). I then did my best to entertain the girls with books, magnadoodles and a few new items I picked up at Target including a mini etch-a-sketch and a Tinkerbell doll. We held off the movies for as long as we could but the remainder of the way the girls watched the Tinkerbell movie and various episodes of Veggie Tales. I am still absolutely amazed at how well they did! Usually I am climbing back between the carseats throughout the trip to keep everyone happy.

I was also a little worried how Anna's pottying would go during the drive. She stayed in a pull-up as a "just in case" but it wasn't needed. When we stopped, she went on her portable potty and that was that.

I am not quite ready to get back in the car for another long drive but I no longer dread it. I hope our trip to Orlando over Christmas will have the same success!

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