Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Lifetime of Memories

Wish you were here

This house holds so many memories for me - breakfast on the porch, dragging boogieboards down to the beach, the smell of the charcoal grill, card games, twin beds, and smores to name a few. It was built by my grandfather in the late 40's and has stayed in the family. She's a little tired (ok, so maybe a lot tired) from weathering the Atlantic storms for over 60 years but she has stood strong and changed very little since my adventures there began 28 years ago. This summer marked the end of the family tradition for in the fall the house will be sold and most probably torn down. This year I tried to take in everything - every sight, every smell, every detail - and the picture in my mind is still strong. I know this vivid picture will eventually fade but the memories will forever last.

As we drove away for the last time the song on the radio was It was worth it all. How true! For as much sadness as I have for this tradition ending, it is truly worth the time spent. Now onto new family traditions...

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