Monday, June 23, 2008

A Family Beach Trip

On Friday morning we loaded up the car and headed to Virginia Beach for a few days of vacationing with my family. Thanks to Maddie's new love for her paci and Anna's love for Veggie Tale movies, we made the 3.5 hour drive with barely a fuss. My husband and I enjoyed having the time to talk to one another (this may have been the longest stretch since Maddie was born). The days were filled with short trips to the beach and lots of playing with the grandparents; the nights filled with great family meals and Rook. The girls were wonderful and slept just as well as they do at home.

I loved playing on the beach with Anna. She loved to fill up her bucket full of sand and even played on the water's edge. A wave would knock her down on occasion, but she kept on playing (brrr!). The ocean breeze kept Maddie from enjoying more than 10 minutes on the beach but she still managed to smile for a few family photos.

Madelyn on the beach Anna and Mommy playing on the beach

Family Photo

What a wonderful vacation!

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