Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Out on the Water

Most of our vacation was spent in some sort of water.... whether that be out on the lake or in the rain. Here the girls are with their fabulous cousin on our first day there having fun in the rain.


We did some kayaking




Made an attempt at paddle boating...


About 10 minutes after this picture was taken it began raining, the waves in the lake started getting bigger and coming into the paddleboat and our back end started going under. We then couldn't get the paddleboat to head towards shore but instead we kept going in circles. Erik quickly came out in the kayak to rescue Maddie and then Uncle Chris returned with a rope and pulled us back to shore. Definitely the most entertaining trip I've taken in a paddle boat!

We also spent some time in the boat riding over to a public beach and taking sunset cruises.


Captain Anna



The girls also went tubing for the first time. Aunt Kristal was so gracious to take them for a great ride.



On the last day I decided to take my turn at tubing which I haven't done in probably 12 years... my shoulders are still sore!

What a fabulous way to spend a vacation!!

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