Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Diver Ed

During our stay in Maine we spent a day in Bar Harbor and went out on a boat with Diver Ed for some "dive-in theater". It was great! Diver Ed was funny and entertaining as well as informative. He took us out on a boat and dove down to collect lobsters, starfish and anything else he could find. He then took a high quality camera down so that we could see what it looked like on the ocean floor. During out cruise around we also saw seals and a bald eagle.

Hanging out on the boat with our blue painter's tape nametags.


Diver Ed put all of the sea creatures he found into touch tanks for the kids to hold. Maddie loved it all, except for the lobsters. She even held the squishy sea cucumber.



Anna was a little more timid and preferred to let daddy hold the tiny lobster.



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