Monday, March 22, 2010

Maddie's First Haircut

Maddie Haircut Certificate

I took Anna last week to get her haircut and while we were there I decided to get Maddie's cut as well. This happened to be the day I dropped my cell in the toilet, so I don't actually have any pictures while it was being cut, but Maddie looked so cute. She sat in a red fire truck, licked a lollipop and watched her favorite show, Caillou. With all these props, she sat perfectly still and Ms. Maria was able to trim up the back.

Maddie's First Haircut Maddie's First Haircut

Anna's haircut looked great as well! I had been cutting Anna's hair over the past year and it was starting to get a little thick so Ms. Maria gave her a good shape-up.

Anna's haircut


The Ward Family said...

Love Ms. Maria1 That is who Taylor goes to...your girls' hair looks cute!

Kim said...

Maddy went to JJ's for her first haircut too. I cut it last time, but I think we'll go back to JJ's for her next trim!
Anna and Maddie look adorable! I hope you guys are feeling better.