Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Easter Basket

I have really enjoyed having a visual reminder in our breakfast nook of what we are learning each month since afterall, we eat 3 meals a day there. We had to take the Love tree down but our easter basket is now in its place. The basket hold special eggs often to referred to as resurrection eggs that I printed off of one of my frequently visited websites, Lapbook Lessons.

Each egg has a picture on it of something that symbolizes a piece of the easter story. For example, last week we read about Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and put a picture of a palm frond into the basket. We then colored a picture of Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem and glued palm fronds along the path.

I love the time I get with Anna at night to read her bible with her. Her memory from one night to the next amazes me and her questions stretch me. I pray our conversations will stay on her heart for years to come.

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