Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There's something in the water

Last night I went to a baby shower for some of the mommies in Anna's playgroup. As I looked around the table there were 9 moms, not including myself, and a total of 7 babies on the way! It is about to be baby season. In addition, 2 moms from my birthing class with Anna, 2 good mommy friends I met when Anna was only 4 months old, and my best friend are all expecting between now and the end of October as well. With the exception of my best friend, all of these ladies also have a two year old in tow. What is it that makes two years apart the magic number?

My brother and I are six years apart. I went off to college when he was only 12; when he went off to college, I was getting married. We have forever been in different life stages and I look forward to the day when that changes. So to me, having kids closer in age was appealing. Maybe it's the fact that around the 18 month mark I looked at Anna and saw a little girl rather than a baby; and the motherly desire to hold another baby in my arms was strong (good thing since in my case Maddie was about to be born). And perhaps, it just happens that way; I'm sure each family has their own reasons.

No matter how far apart in age the kids are I'm sure it is a wonderful experience with benefits to each; for example my niece who is in middle school will soon have a new brother/sister and she is going to be a GREAT role model and will be a huge help to my sister-in-law. So I guess there is no "magic number", but looking at my friends, it sure seems that way. So if you don't want a baby, you may not want to hang out with me for now :).

Here's Anna being the good big sister and showing Maddie how to have tummy time:

Tummy Time Together


Erik said...

Hopefully there is nothing more in our water... ;-)

Lori Beth said...

LOL..too funny Erik! This is great I can finally post on your blog Heather!!