Monday, August 4, 2008

The Most Fun Laundry Load Ever

My husband and I often joke that Anna shows some of my "tendencies" when it comes to wanting everything in its place. Today Anna was in her prime as she helped me do a load of laundry. I must say I have never smiled so much while folding clothes. Here's how it went... Anna would pull a piece of clothing out of the dryer, cheer for it, and then classify it as "Yanna's", "Issy's", "Batub's" (remember I'm not so good at sorting laundry) or "Pool's" (bathing suits). Then, after everything was taken out of the dryer and folded, it was time to put the clothes away. I almost fell over as Anna knew where almost everything went! If I bought a few more bins I bet Anna could put away all of her clothes :). I'm not ready for that yet though, laundry has just become fun!

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