Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Family Fitness

When my husband and I met six years ago we were both at our physical peak. Here we are during our 10 mile hike through the NC mountains.

Hiking 2002 Hiking 2002

Then over the years we made less time in our schedules for working out, had two beautiful girls (talk about a weight roller coaster) and overall weren't eating our best, so the pounds crept in. My husband blogged back in January about his motivation to start working out again and it sparked my interest. So after Madelyn was born and I was cleared by the doctor, I too started back at the gym. What a difference it has made! There's of course the physical difference - I have finally been able to shed those extra pounds I kept after Anna was born and (more excitingly to me) fit back into some clothes that I had long ago discarded into the consignment pile. For me, there's also a psychological difference in waking up to a morning routine (I hit the gym in the mornings while the girls are asleep and hubby is getting ready for work) and having a few extra minutes to myself.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to hike 10 miles yet, but I'm getting there; like my husband, I too am looking forward to lots of family adventures. We'll post some recent pics when we get a chance - maybe we'll even pull out the backpacks just for fun :).

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You look GREAT Heather!