Friday, August 15, 2008

How long does it take...

... for one mom to go into the grocery store with two kids and pick up two items.

Answer: 25 minutes!! (2 minutes to pick up the items, 5 minutes to stop and talk to everyone about how cute Anna looks in her sunglasses, Anna
3 minutes to check out, and 15 minutes juggling car seats, strollers and shopping carts.)

It definitely takes a little longer these days to run errands but I'm excited that I'm finally able to get back out there and do a few things. I'm slowly learning what "technique" works best at each store and the girls have been fabulous guinea pigs. Most "quick" errands work best with Maddie in her stroller and Anna on foot; thankfully I have a daughter who will hold my hand or follow me around. I did learn though not to give Anna any items to take into the store with her for it will most likely be launched through the air or left behind.

Today we're hitting the grocery store and hope to make it out without tears (theirs or mine). Wish us luck! And I apologize in advance to anyone who happens to park next to me.

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