Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This week we are talking about Moses. We started out talking about Moses as a baby being put into a basket and then set in the river and did this cute craft using handprints for the reeds. I don't have a picture though because Anna decided that the handprints should go on the wall in her room rather than the paper :).

Then we colored pages about the plagues and the parting of the red sea that I found in the "Bible ABC's" section of Christian Preschool Printables (M for Moses and P for Plague).

This is the third fall that we have talked about Moses and there have been various times throughout the year that Anna and Maddie have been taught about Moses in Sunday School and Community Bible Study and so we have had LOTS of conversations about Moses. And you now what? I am learning too. As I read our bible story and prepare our crafts for the week, I am being spurred on in my relationship with Christ. I want to read the story we are talking about in my "mommy bible" too so that I can talk even more about what Anna is reading in her toddler bible. I want to hide God's word in my heart so that when the girls ask me a question I can give an answer or at least have an idea of where in the bible to find one. I desire for the girls to know God and to know what His Word says and it makes me want to know God better too.

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