Friday, April 30, 2010

Big Girl Bed for Maddie

Just after Anna turned 2 we moved her into a toddler bed. I vowed we would not move Maddie so early, yet after reading that Maddie's crib had been recalled late yesterday, we did just that.

We had purchased the Simplicity Ellis crib back in 2007 for Anna when she was moving rooms due to Maddie's pending arrival. We enjoyed the crib and how it could convert to a toddler bed; we even recommended it to others (sorry!). Because Simplicity is no longer in business, Target is accepting the recalled items that were purchased there. So today we loaded up the car with crib parts, went to Target and received a gift card for the full retail price. A receipt was not required (even though I did have my receipt, it was 2.5 years old and no longer valid).

We then came home and disassembled Anna's bunk beds to make it into two twin beds, moved the one from the top with the rails to Maddie's room and voila, Maddie had a big girl bed.

Maddie in her big girl bed after her crib was recalled

As I write Maddie is taking her first nap in her bed! I hope tonight goes just as smoothly.

asleep during her first nap time!

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