Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I love the idea of gardening. It is hard for me to go to a home improvement store this time of year and not want to come home with lots of flowers and vegetables for Erik to plant. I am, unfortunately, not the best at maintaining the plants but this year we are starting afresh. Over the weekend, Erik planted broccoli and beans in our small garden and tomatoes, green peppers and mint in pots on the deck. The girls did some gardening of their own.

Here they plant tomato seeds:

Planting tomatoes by seed

Planting tomatoes by seed

And everyday we try to water our plants:

Watering her plants

But if nothing else makes it through the summer, our fake flowers planted in sand should make it :)



geetabean said...

I don't want to burst your bubble, because I think the gardening enthusiasm is great, but the broccoli will grow, but won't produce any's getting too warm. My broccoli has already started bolting. If you plant it in August you could get a fall crop from it! Tomatoes and peppers both really need to be started under controlled conditions rather than sown straight outside, but maybe your seeds will turn out. :o) I look forward to garden updates!

Anonymous said...
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