Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jumping Fun

After doing some searching to rent an inflatable for Maddie's birthday party, we decided to go ahead and buy one since it seemed most cost effective. We bought this Step 2 Whopper Bouncer which was on clearance through Step 2 for 70% off which equaled the price of a 4 hour rental!


The bouncer has 2 climbing walls, a small bouncing area and a slide. It is easy enough to set up and take down and came with a large duffel bag for storage. It has already been great for some impromptu playdates and I look forward to using it more this summer.

IMG00256-20100418-1605.jpg IMG_2447

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Brian Simpson said...

That's awesome! My daughter loves those things, and I've never even THOUGHT about buying one because I figured they were super-expensive. We rented one for one of my daughter's birthday parties, and I remember they used a powerful fan/generator to blow it up quickly. Did the one your family purchased come with a fan, too? You've planted a seed in my mind now. I might have to look into this before my little girl's b-day this fall. Thanks for sharing!! As a side note, our parenting blogs have similar titles. Mine is Raleigh Daddy 3.0 (raleighdaddyblog.com) :)