Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Big Girl"

In anticipation of her second birthday (not until the end of April!) Maddie has decided, and will tell you, that she is now "big girl". At restaurants she goes for the booster seat like her sister. At home, she prefers a chair without a booster. At stores, she refuses to sit in the buckled portion of the shopping cart and of course wants to walk and hold hands all the way through the parking lot. She prefers colored pencils to fat crayons and no longer does she leave out numbers when counting to 10. Sippy cups are being replaced by regular kid-sized cups and there is now maybe one nap a week. Yesterday during "naptime" Maddie decided to take care of her own poopy diaper by taking it off and nicely placing it in the corner. I entered her room to a foul smell and a naked behind. Today thankfully she only got her pants off. When did my little girl grow up?

Big girl cup colored pencils

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Lori Beth said...

Oh my..she is gettinng so big!! Seems like the second one grows up much faster (I'm not looking forward to that :-( )