Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Alphabet Mat

Three years ago we purchased this alphabet foam playmat from Lowe's Hardware to give Anna a more cushy place to crawl since we had just put in hardwood floors and had not decided on a rug yet. As Anna got a little older, Anna started taking the mat apart to play with the pieces which drove me crazy :) so I put the playmat away for a year. We bought a rug, stained the rug, got rid of the rug and then the playmat came back out. Once again, the playmat started being taken apart daily but it now has an educational purpose. Anna loves to put the letters into alphabetical order and walk around on them. Here she is in action:

Foam Alphabet Foam Alphabet

My husband did a great job using the mat to show Anna the letters as she said her alphabet which has helped the slurring of the LMNOP and letter recognition. As I type, the mat is ripped into 52+ pieces scattered across the family room but I'm ok with that because I know an adorable 3 year old that can't wait to put it back together.


Erik Burckart said...

that last sentence brought a big smile to my face...for sure she may pull them all apart but that is okay since she also loves to put them back together

Kim said...

Ha! I would go crazy with that too - but what a great learning tool. I've been looking for these at consignment sales - but I always think they're overpriced. Maybe I'll splurge at the summer sale and get a set!