Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vacation Rides

We just returned from a fabulous 4 night, 5 night adventure in Orlando, Florida with Opa, Mae, Cousin Tori, Aunt Kristal and Uncle Chris. We steered clear of most things Disney this time down but still had a blast at Sea World, which was walking distance from our hotel. I have much to write about the trip, but I'm starting with one of the most pleasant surprises for me which was the rides at Sea World. In Shamu's Happy Harbor there were several kiddie rides that both of the girls could go on as long as Erik or I went with them. I was quite impressed with the girls! Maddie even cried whenever she had to get off and would start chanting "ride ride". Here are a few pictures:

This happy crab went up in the air and then dropped us down:


Maddie and I spun ourselves silly:


Yeah, A successful trip on the carousel!:


Erik and I even got to do a little roller coaster riding of our own on Kraken and the new coaster, Manta. Much fun!

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