Sunday, December 20, 2009

June 2009

In June we went on our annual trip to Virginia Beach with my dad and family. Maddie had a great time digging in the sand under her tent and Anna loved playing in the waves (when they weren't trying to knock her over). Every morning we enjoyed taking a stroll up to the boardwalk; one day we rented a big bike with cousin Jamie. I was so surprised that Maddie didn't try to jump out :).

June scrapbook pagea

We also started a garden in June of peppers and tomatoes. Our garden spot didn't get enough sunlight and so it was August before we were able to get something large enough to take off the vine. I still had green peppers in November!

Oma also came to visit. We had a fun-filled weekend of taking the girls to a Durham Bulls Game and attending Adelaide's second birthday party at Marbles Kids Museum.

June scrapbook pageb

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