Tuesday, October 6, 2009

School Days

This afternoon Anna, Cassie (the dog) and I are sitting on the front porch. Cassie is enjoying the fresh air, Anna is entertained with a vat of play-doh and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to actually sit and blog. The only thing I'm missing is a big steamy mug of spiced chai - but I digress.

Besides the apparent pumpkin shortage of 2009 :), our fall has gotten off to a nice start. As planned, I started doing some low-key school "lessons" of my own with Anna and have really enjoyed it. Each week we have a letter, number, color and sometimes shape for that week. We do coloring sheets (that I printed offline), talk about them and look for them everywhere we go. We check books out of the library and there is always a yummy snack that can somehow be incorporated. Last week while learning the letter 'D' we HAD to go to Krispy Kreme to watch the making of doughnuts and eat a few of course.

'D' is for donuts

To Maddie, the letter 'B' is the letter every week and when asked, she will tell you so. This morning Maddie even pointed to the 'B' on the cereal box and said the letter. So cute!

Each week there is also a bible story that we read daily out of the Beginner's Bible for Toddlers that Anna was given when she was dedicated at our church. I then try to do some sort of craft project to go along with the bible story. It is simple, but it is so good and I greatly enjoy the time Anna and I get to spend together.


The Wellingtons said...

Sounds like a great "lesson-plan" :) Sometimes I wonder if I'd ever be creative and/or organized enough to homeschool... but reading you explain what you're doing makes it sound much more appealing & manageable! :) I'm sure Anna is loving it and learning a lot (& Maddie too)

Meg said...

Go Girl!