Friday, October 30, 2009

The Dollhouse, Completed

The dollhouse that Anna received for her birthday was very special to me, for it belong to me as a little girl.


It started as 100's of tiny pieces in a box and eventually made it to this stage of completion with only one room done (that was "my" room :)). This is how we picked it up from my mom's house this summer and we have been working hard on it ever since. The dollhouse needed paint, flooring, wallpaper and some trimwork.

Anna's Dollhouse (before)

The night before Anna's birthday we snuck into her room after she went to sleep and put the finished dollhouse in there. We added some new furniture and wrapped up a set of dolls. The next morning when Anna woke up she immediately went to play with her dollhouse.

Here's the dollhouse after Mimi added a few finishing touches including hanging mirrors, paintings and setting the dining room table.

Dollhouse, completed

The addition of the dollhouse to Anna's room means we do not play in there as often for there are many pieces that are not age-appropriate for Maddie but it gives Anna something special to do during naptime. I'm sure this will be a treasure for years to come.

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