Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Fair Alternative

To me, the fair is all about the food. I usually steer clear of things like chocolate covered bacon and fried butter on a stick but I love candy apples and funnel cake. Yesterday our family had good intentions of going to the NC State Fair, but as Erik and I talked about trying to maneuver the crowds in our double stroller that Maddie may or may not stay seated in, we decided against it. Instead we got our fill on a much smaller scale, we went to the mall.

We ate fried food (Chick-fil-a), the girls rode rides,

Kid's ride in lieu of the fair New Message

and we ate candy (and Oreo) apples.

Candy Apples

We had a nice family evening but hopefully next year we will make it to the fair!

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Meg said...

Yeah, you're pretty much spot on about the Fair! We missed you, though! Glad to hear that you had a great time wtih your own mini-Celebration!