Monday, July 20, 2009

Mini park

My adventures to new parks in the Raleigh area have continued (thanks Meg!) and this past week I found myself at a self-proclaimed mini park. I'm not exactly sure what constitutes an official "mini park" but I thought the sign was funny.

New Message

Roanoke Park is located on Cherokee Drive in the downtown Roanoke Park neighborhood of Five Points. It was the subject of heated debate last year as the community and the Raleigh Parks and Rec argued over parents leaving toys at the park. The toys were removed last year but there was still lots to do. The park has a sandpit, swings, and play equipment with lots of slides. The park itself is not fenced in but rather in between two quiet streets that are lined with trees and homes. The shade was nice but I recommend bringing along some bug spray. There is also some road construction currently going on near the park which makes things a little noisy and may be tempting for some little kids :).

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Meg said...

You even got a picture? WOW!

Glad you enjoyed it!! :)