Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting Bigger Every Day

This morning I was sitting downstairs having a cup of coffee when I heard it... "mama". It was Maddie calling me to come get her from her crib - she was ready to start her day. As I walked up the steps I reflected on just how "toddler-like" Maddie has become over the past month. Maddie is a watcher and a fast learner which combines to make a very intelligent child who at five months of age was trying to plug the vacuum cleaner into the wall socket to make it work. Just last month at the beach after watching us play Rockband a few times, Maddie snuck in the room with the microphone and started singing into it.


Over the past month I've also noticed that Maddie has gotten better at understanding what I'm saying to her. One sunny day we were at the pool; I laid out a towel on the ground and told Maddie to go sit on the towel and I would bring her a snack. Surprisingly to me, she did just that. My favorite was the afternoon that I started singing the clean up song and Maddie started singing her own version while picking up toys and putting them in the exact bin that they belonged in. What joy! :)

As I put on twitter last night, Anna's view of the world is that daddy works, Anna and Maddie play and Mommy watches Maddie (apparently Anna is a big girl and doesn't need supervision :)). How I love being home to watch Maddie (and Anna!) grow into the little girls God has created them to be.

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Erik Burckart said...

Good post honey :-) Our little girl is growing up so quickly!