Sunday, November 30, 2008

I can relate to this...

Since this is so small you'll have to go to the website to read it, but here's the gist of the Baby Blues comic from November 16: the mom is putting all of the items from her shopping cart onto the belt for the store employee to ring her up; the next thing you see is her child coming down the belt wearing a sweater with a pricetag on it; the mommy says "she really, really likes the sweater".

This is funny to me because it happens almost every Sunday, though not quite to this extent. After church on Sundays we go to the SuperTarget to buy our groceries for the week. During this time, Anna usually claims an item as "hers". This may be something yummy like rainbow colored goldfish but it may just as likely be a jar of spices - she is not overly particular. We then have to talk her into letting the items go long enough for us to scan it and then we hand the item immediately back to her. This isn't usually a big deal until you try using the self checkout at Harris Teeter where you have to put the items into the grocery bag or else it blows up - this is not a good situation for us and I have learned my lesson :).

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