Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Recap

We had a great Halloween day. The girls and I joined some friends at the local library for a Halloween program that included songs, stories and a costume parade. I have not taken Anna to the library for Rhyme Time since she was 17 months old (before Maddie was born) and this experience was so much better. Before, Anna clung to me and wanted a snack; this time Anna was up dancing and clapping her hands - so fun to watch. After the songs, the kids were turned loose to make their way around the library collecting candy from the library staff.

Halloween night we dressed the girls in their costumes yet again (Maddie made the switch to her comfy cow outfit) and met some neighbors for trick or treating. You have never seen anything as cute as five 2 year olds parading down the street in their costumes. Anna loved knocking on doors and putting candy in her bag. Somewhere along the way one of the parents told their little girl to just take one piece of candy and Anna was determined to do the same. At every house she would pick out one piece and place it in her bag then it was time to move on to the next house. Anna was having so much fun I had to make her go home after 10 or so houses because her hands were ice cubes. She spent the rest of the evening on the front porch with daddy handing out candy and glow necklaces to the kids that stopped by.

I have never been a huge Halloween person but I must say, there's something about watching your children get so much enjoyment out of something that really puts you in the spirit.

Here's the family ready to trick or treat:

Halloween Night

Halloween Night

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