Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Anna's First Haircut

I took Anna for her first haircut today. Per the suggestion of many friends, I took Anna to JJs Kids Cuts. On Wednesdays all haircuts are $12.50 versus the normal $17, so it seemed like a good deal to me. The waiting area has a big slide, kitchen set and lots of puzzles which Anna loved. When it was time for her haircut, Anna chose to sit in a police car and watch an Elmo video. Here she is in her cape:

During the haircut

The lady asked me what I wanted done to it - my only request was to leave the front long. So Anna ended up with a few snippets to "shape" her hair and a layer in the back to enhance the curls :). Five minutes after it began, the haircut was over - Anna did great. We left with a certificate that had Anna's picture on it, a little baggie of her hair and most importantly, a happy child. I highly recommend JJs.

Here's the before and after (yes, I realize there isn't a big difference):

Before the haircut After the haircut

And here's my favorite, Anna with clips in her hair:

During the haircut

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Lori Beth said...

This is great, I don't think we have any place like that down here. I'm glad to know Anna was over 2 before she got her first husband has been on me since she was very little to cut her hair (she's always had alot) but I refuse.