Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Settling Back In

5:30 came early this morning as I struggled to get back into my routine at the gym. We spent the last four days traveling up to Pittsburgh and back for a funeral. By my husbands account, we spent 19 hours in the car. The girls were fabulous and went along with everything we needed to do even though that meant taking all naps for 4 days in their car seats. There were many times that I was thankful I stashed a few extra "goodies" in my purse including a ring pop and playdoh for those places we needed to stay a little longer than Anna was inclined. It was a whirlwind, but one in which we got to see lots of family which is always nice.

A few other things I'm thankful for while traveling:

- restaurants that provide crayons and kids menus
- McDonald's Playplace for those times when everyone needs out of the car to run around
- hotels that have a separate sitting area from the bedroom (thank you Residence Inn)
- our car's DVD player
- family to help take care of the kids :)

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