Saturday, September 27, 2008

Going Bananas

Maddie had her first taste of bananas last night and she loved them. I guess you could say I "made" my first baby food but really it seemed too simple to even say that - why did I buy this pre-made before? I took part of a ripened banana (Anna gladly ate the other part) and mashed it with a fork; I added a little breastmilk to make it a thinner consistency and 30 seconds later it was ready. Tonight I'm going to make squash and apples to store in the freezer for when Maddie is ready for them. This could be fun afterall.

Maddie's 1st bananas

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Lori Beth said...

Good Job Heather!! See it's easy (and fun). Avocado is just as easy as banana. Lou thought it was wierd to give it to her, but I reminded him she has no point of reference for it to be wierd.