Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Anna's Table

Birthdays usually come early in our household because once we buy a present for someone we can't wait to give it to them. We actually did pretty good with this since we waited a whole two weeks after purchasing it before putting it together :). Here's Anna at her new table.

Anna's new table

It has been a hit! Every morning Anna goes right to the table and starts coloring. As of now, I'm leaving the crayons, coloring books and Color Wonder markers where she can get them whenever she wants; if they start traveling around the house we may have to rethink this. I really (REALLY!) like that Anna can now pick up her own crayons if they roll off the table rather than having to constantly pick them up; this makes coloring a more fun and less frustrating activity for me :).

Today Anna wanted to have snack at her table which is so adorable. The only problem now is she is at puppy height.

The table we ended up buying was the Kritter series from Ikea. We liked the bright colors and stability of it, not to mention it was reasonably priced. Now, back to coloring...

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