Monday, October 31, 2011


I put a picture of a tree up on our wall yesterday, something that I had found online sometime ago. The idea is for the girls to add a leaf daily in November of what they are thankful for. The girls LOVE when we put things on the wall and couldn't wait to stick a leaf on the tree (my first reaction was "but we have to wait until November 1st", how silly! we should be thankful everyday!). The first three things the girls came up with were family, friends and sickness gone (AMEN!).

I thought the tree could be a way for the girls to remember and reflect on God's blessings. And then my heart remembers again.... how many times have I too felt compelled to count my gifts; to remember how God is at work in my life. And so I begin counting as well.

#1 Grace

#2 simple things that make little ones (literally) jump for joy

#3 a consistent scripture put before my eyes (Colossians 3:1-2)

#4 a sermon that pushes me forward in my walk with Christ

#5 the smiles on the girls' faces when we do a craft project

#6 a warm cup of tea

#7 a friend's safe return home from mission work

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