Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Bowling

A few weeks ago, the girls and I had a fabulous free bowling experience at Sparians. I had never been to a "bowling boutique and bistro" so I was in for a pleasant surprise when we walked in to what almost seemed like an upscale nightclub. The lighting was dim, the music was rocking and rather than the hard benches at the regular bowling alley, the lanes were lined with leather couches.

We were there for the Thursday Kids Club during which kids under 6 can bowl free from 9am to 11am. The kids were allowed to wear there own shoes so there wasn't even the few dollars needed for a shoe rental. We arrived at 9:30 and our group of 6 (the max # of kids for a lane) was taken to the last remaining lane. It is first come, first serve basis. The staff was super friendly and checked on us frequently to see if we needed anything. On the big screens they had Nick Jr playing which occupied the kids while they waited for their turn.

This was the girls' first time bowling and they really enjoyed it. We started out using the bowling ramps but by the end Anna was throwing the ball (7 pounds) down the lane and even getting a strike or two! Here's Anna loading up her ball:


And waiting in anticipation to see how many pins she knocked over:


And Maddie doing as big sister does:



At 11:00am the lanes shut off and we headed over to the restaurant where also on Thursdays you can get a free kids meal with each paying adult. Another pleasant surprise was that instead of the typical hamburger/hotdog bowling alley menu there was an assortment of fresh salads, veggie options and much more.

I highly recommend checking it out! Here's the link to the Kid's Club.

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